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The Story:

Long bus rides into the desert, discovering treasures in unknown places and connecting with locals off the "beaten path"...  I love to seek out authentic, handmade tribal items.  The love that goes into traditional handiwork is "felt" by those who wear it.  Each style tells a story - of a tribe, a perspective, a culture.  Each vintage piece carries history - of an event, a lifestyle, a family and sometimes of many generations.

In this section you will find specialty items handmade by a variety of skilled local artisans.  


▲ Handmade items carry an energy that is rare today.  Traditional textiles tell a story woven in love.  One receives a deep understanding or "feel" for a culture simply through its handiwork.  Each handmade item on this site is one-of-a-kind.  I support fair trade and an ethical price.  You will be able to read more about the item and it's cultural heritage in each section.

▲ Vintage items are occasionally refurbished and redesigned with modern materials.  The "old" and the "new" harmoniously together give a sense of peace that is calming to the soul.  There may be slight "imperfections" that reflect the history of each piece.  Each vintage item is one-of-a-kind.  Check each item's description for more information. 


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